Jail Lust Lockdown

Jail Lust

The twink had no idea what was going on. He was taken to a small cell but this wasn’t just a regular lockdown. The room looked medical with white walls and shit. The boy realized he just got his hands restrained, and naked of his clothes as well. When he felt fingers working their way into his manhole, he understood what it was all about. A bigger, older, stronger convict was having his way with the boy’s butt and nothing could be done about it…He had to take every bit of it!

It takes lots of effort to survive in penitentiaries when you are a sweet-looking boy. Dozens of older men, horse-hung, strong, and sex-starved, are after your asshole on a daily basis. And it’s impossible to resist! Watch as handsome boys fall prey to older twink-fucking maniacs. Shocking scenes of hardcore, uncensored, sweaty and painful prison sex in HD! Tons of raw exciting material you won’t find anywhere else!

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